Cindy Green

Cindy Green

Cindy Green

Part-Time Faculty

Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

(734) 677-5009LA 143

About Cindy Green

Ms. Green grew up in a small town north of Mt. Pleasant, Mi the youngest of two in a blue collar family. She entered the work force directly out of high school and began taking a class or two a semester while working. During a time of great change in her life, living in Mt. Pleasant, she left her job as an advertising consultant to return to school and complete her Bachelor's degree. After earning a B.S., she moved to Ypsilanti, Mi to complete a Master's degree. 

She currently lives in Ypsilanti, as the caregiver to a cat and a parrot. When not working she enjoys reading, walking, playing board games, baking, kayaking, going to concerts and volunteering, among other things. She visits her family and friends near Mt. Pleasant as often as possible. Her parents, sister, a nephew, and dearest friend all live in the area. She also has a nephew in the US Navy. 

Ms. Green is most proud of her educational accomplishments, and her nephews. She worked extra hard to overcome many obstacles to education, including more than one health issue. Since completing her education, Ms. Green has survived breast cancer. She has incredible persistence and when she decides she is going to do something, she makes sure it happens. The doctors continue to report good news for Ms. Green.

Ms. Green began her education at Mid Michigan Community College. She completed all the courses she could there and eventually transferred to Central Michigan University where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Science. She then went to Eastern Michigan University to complete a Master's degree in Experimental Psychology. Her research interests are in Social Psychology, more specifically in media and gender roles.