Diversity initiatives create forums for connection

Published on Feb 20, 2015 1:36pm

On The Record

Washtenaw Community College is offering several events this February to celebrate Black History Month.

Ranging from art displays to theater performances, the events will provide a range of activities that will engage audiences in meaningful dialogue and provide opportunity for connection.

WCC’s diversity initiatives go beyond Black History Month. In November, the college hosted a Diversity Extravaganza, with a dozen ethnic food vendors, performances and a fashion show; the college also sponsored a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration with performances and a lecture in Towsley Auditorium in January.

Dean of Student Diversity and Inclusion Arnett Chisholm said WCC’s diversity initiatives are meant to engage students and help them be successful.

Chisholm has worked for the college for over 20 years, holding roles as a counselor, coordinator for what is now the Harriet Center and as dean of admissions and student life. “When I was counseling, I worked with students every day,” he said. “I learned about them and witnessed how some students could fall through the cracks. That’s where being engaged on campus can really help. It’s important for students to feel connected to this community and to interact with other people who are successful.”