WCC provides an incredible menu of programs and opportunities


Published on Nov 30, 2015 9:20am by Princess Gabbara,

When Robert Boonin was asked to serve on Washtenaw Community College’s Foundation Board earlier this year, he did not hesitate to jump on board.

For the past 30 years, Boonin has worked as an attorney at the national but Michigan-based law firm of Dykema Gossett. Based at the firm’s Detroit and Ann Arbor office, his practice focuses on labor and employment law and education law.

Prior to graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, Boonin worked for the Michigan Association of School Boards handling labor relations for K-12 school districts.

He’s also worked with public universities and community colleges across Michigan.

“From that experience, I have grown to appreciate what these institutions do for their students and how they do it, and that a key to their success is the people involved -- the governing boards, their faculty and their staff,” Boonin said. 

Boonin, one of the newest members of the board, notes that the Foundation’s focus is to make education available for students who otherwise might not be able to attend college without scholarships, grants and other financial assistance.

“I'm excited about being in a position to help the Foundation fulfill its mission. The more I learn about what it does and who it helps, the more passionate I become,” Boonin said. “The Board and staff are truly committed to making a quality education possible for so many, and it's a privilege to be asked to join them in finding ways to make more support available to more students.”

He noted that a measure of a community’s success – in terms of the economy – strongly correlates to the skill and education levels of its members.

“WCC provides an incredible menu of programs and opportunities for its students, but even with federal financial aid, partaking in these programs is still beyond the reach of many whether it be related to tuition, money for books or childcare demands,” Boonin said.

“The money that the Foundation raises goes directly to those in need and enables many to achieve academic success, which in turn helps them to become assets to our community.”