Students finding a home at Quicken Loans


Published on Dec 1, 2015 1:38pm by Princess Gabbara,

The students at Washtenaw Community College appear to know how to make an impression.

Over the past three years, Quicken Loans has hired nearly 200 WCC students in fulltime, internship and contract positions.

The Detroit company’s hirings show that WCC’s strategic plan to ensure that its students get employed – sometimes even before graduation – is working in overdrive.

Since 2012, Quicken Loans has been a key partner with Intentionally Growing New Information Technology Employees In Michigan (IGNITE) – an accelerated program at WCC that trains students to be able to land high-demand technology jobs.

“Quicken Loans has been a tremendous partner to us,” said Barbara Hauswirth, WCC’s Placement and Internship Coordinator. “I can’t say enough for their participation not only with the IGNITE program, but in general with wanting to recruit our students and take a more active role. We couldn’t ask for better partners.”

WCC’s students are unique in the sense that many of them are busy juggling a full class schedule along with work and family life. This, however, doesn’t seem to distract them from taking advantage of any great opportunities that come their way.

“WCC students come ready to work in a team-oriented environment and collaborative environment. They come with work and life experience and most importantly, they’re flexible,” said Laneisha Gunn, Quicken Loans’ Recruiting Team Leader.

To be considered for a position at Quicken Loans, candidates had to be self-motivated, team-oriented and passionate, as well as possess strong written and verbal communication and critical-thinking skills.

“Typically, we look at the person first and his or her experience second,” Gunn said. “We then use that information to make the best match for the person, the team and the company.”

Quicken Loans has grown tremendously over the past five years, Gunn says, due to the company’s continued focus on innovation, its workplace culture and internship program, as well as the improved economic climate of Detroit.

Gunn added that she continues to be impressed with the passion and innovative spirit of WCC students as they gain priceless, hands-on experience and valuable skills that can be utilized for a lifetime.

“At Quicken Loans, students learn what it’s like to be in the workplace, participate in events around the city of Detroit and become a valuable member of our team,” Gunn said. “WCC has been a great institution to work with and we value our partnership with the college.”