Get Money for College

Published on Dec 16, 2016 12:33pm

There's good news about financial aid: Money is available to help you pay for school!

Some of the money you have to pay back, and some of it you don't. Some of it you earn by working on campus or off in a work-study job.

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Here is some key information to help:

ePayPlan: WCC's Student Payment Plan

There are many reasons to use the WCC ePayPlan:

  • Convenient method to pay for credit classes
  • $25 per semester non refundable enrollment fee
  • Automatic withdrawals from checking, savings (except HRACU savings), credit/debit card
  • Bi-weekly, and monthly plans. Log into Billing & Payments to see details of plans currently available.
  • Enroll early to spread payments out longer
  • Authorize someone else to make payments for you
  • Automatic emails sent when any changes occur to your account

Learn more about the current ePayment Plans that WCC has available.