Learning Disability Assessment

The Learning Disabilities Specialist provides diagnostic testing and recommendations to enrolled WCC students who suspect they may have a learning disability and who have not been tested previously, or whose testing is outdated.

The Goal

To assess and identify educational needs, assist students in learning strategies, and help all students develop the confidence to reach their potential.

Testing Times

Testing assessment times are arranged by appointment. The LD Specialist is not available while testing, so you are encouraged to call in advance for an appointment if possible.

Services Provided

  • Provide consultation for students experiencing learning difficulties.
  • Conduct cognitive and achievement testing and make recommendations based on test results.
  • Advise students on learning strategies appropriate to their specific learning disabilities.
  • Recommend accommodations appropriate to students' specific learning disabilities.
  • Provide information on other conditions (e.g., Attention Deficit Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury) that may also interfere with learning.
  • Refer students to appropriate campus resources (e.g., Learning Support Services, Counseling, Career Planning and Placement) and coordinate student needs with appropriate staff.
  • Make referrals to outside agencies (e.g., Michigan Rehabilitation Services).


Referrals to the LD specialist may be initiated by students (self-referral), or by instructors, staff, or outside agencies.

For more information

Call 734-973-3342 to speak to a Program Specialist or email learningsupport@wccnet.edu.