Pride Day Photo

WCC continues to takes steps to be a supportive and welcoming place for LGBTQA+ students, faculty and staff:

  • Non-discrimination policies
    • In 2014, WCC added “gender identity” and “gender expression” to several campus-wide policies that prohibit discrimination.
  • Preferred names
    • In 2015, WCC created a procedure for students to use preferred names on official WCC documents and class rosters.  Anybody can do this, but it is especially helpful for transgender students, faculty and staff, whose preferred name may reflect a different gender identity than their legal name does.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
    • WCC is pleased to announce the implementation of one gender-neutral bathroom in each classroom building. This new setting can be helpful to many people, such as an adult talking a child of a different gender to the bathroom. It is especially helpful for transgender students, faculty, staff and visitors, who can feel uncomfortable or worry about being questioned when using a bathroom labeled “men” or “women”.
      Click here for a list of gender-neutral bathrooms available on campus.

LGBTQA+ Resources Table

Look for our information table on the first floor of the Student Center every Wednesday from noon to 3 pm.  We have brochures and fliers about services and events in the local community and beyond.  We can answer questions and help you with issues and concerns.

Out-Space Student Club

Out-Space is a student organization at Washtenaw Community College for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, gender-queer, asexual, queer, pansexual, questioning individuals, and their allies. Out-Space prides itself on expanding awareness of those at the margins of our community, not focusing solely on middle class gay and lesbian issues and bringing light to all of the different intersectionalities members of our community are affected by. We seek to provide a safe and fun environment for LGBTQA+ people, as well as provide education and resources to strengthen the community.