CurricUNET Information

CurricUNET Status (as of January 13, 2010)

CurricUNET is in production for the course approval process. All course data from 10/22/09 is loaded into the system. Information processed between 10/22/09 and 1/11/10 will be updated. Faculty can access this information using the link above and their user id.

In addition to training sessions already offered, the Office of Curriculum and Assessment will schedule an individual or small group session upon request. Printed copies of the master syllabus form will no longer be accepted, and all new courses, course changes and course inactivations must be submitted using the CurricUNET system.

Programs are being loaded into CurricUNET and will be available for use in the near future. Additional training and user manuals will be available for interested faculty. We are still accepting paper submissions for new programs, program changes and program discontinuations.

Assessment Reports for Courses, Programs and General Education are being developed by CurricUNET. Database updates and input screens will be available for use by faculty upon completion. Additional training will be available for interested faculty. We are still accepting paper submissions for course, program and general education assessment reports.

CurricUNET User Manuals

CurricUNET Course Assessment Reports Procedures

CurricUNET inactivate course procedures 2016

CurricUNET new course procedures 2015

CurricUNETchange course procedures 2015


Description of CurricUNET

The paperwork involved in developing new courses and reviewing existing courses has been a cumbersome task for all involved from faculty members to administrators to committee members. Small changes often required retyping entire documents, and the approval process often took months of waiting as various parties signed off. That is over.

In one more example of Web technology simplifying a tedious task, a new software program called CurricUNET will streamline the curriculum process at WCC. This system is in use by numerous other colleges and universities but is customized for each institution.

WCC's customization included a change in the terminology to match those currently in use at the College. In addition, the final forms generated by CurricUNET were developed to look like those currently in use.

CurricUNET does a number of tasks that the Curriculum Committee and administrators had been looking to implement. The highlights include:

  • A central location for the storage of all curriculum data
  • The Web-based system can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Workflow tracking allows each person to sign off on his or her changes/approvals and e-mail to the next person. Identifying where the document is in the process is easily tracked.
  • No more misplaced forms on someone's desk
  • Small changes can be made without retyping entire documents, as often happened with the paper process
  • Curriculum information will be automatically sent to Banner for inclusion in catalog and course schedules

Faculty training for CurricUNET began during the January In-service and once it has successfully been implemented for course development, CurricUNET will be expanded to include program development and general education.