Live-Event Services

An audio mixing board

Media Services offers a wide variety of live-event services that can help ensure your production, presentation or event is successful and professionally executed.

Below is an outline of live-event services our staff provides. While some of our premier services are limited to our flagship venue, Towsley Auditorium, other services can be provided for other venues and locations on campus.


Public address systems are available in Towsley Auditorium, the ML seminar rooms, and nearly anywhere on campus where we can wheel a cart.


We can set up data/video projectors with accompanying playback decks for viewing PowerPoint presentations, videos, and Internet sites nearly anywhere on campus where we can wheel a cart. Some rooms (Towsley Auditorium, ML 101, etc) have permanently installed projectors and screens.


We can videotape a lecture, conference, performance, or demonstration for College entities.

Media Services produces the following types of video projects:

  • Live-event videos (e.g.: performances, concerts, seminars, panel discussions, guest speakers, etc)
  • Informational content for staff use (e.g.: staff orientations, departmental training, etc)

Media Services does not produce instructional video content for academic courses.


We have lighting systems in two venues that offer computerized cue control of ellipsoidal and Fresnel fixtures. We also offer portable theatrical lighting on rolling trees for special events.


We have ten black aluminum stage riser platforms (4' by 8') with available 8", 12" or 24" legs. (FYI, these are set up by Maintenance department, not Media Services) We also offer six 10'x 13' pipe and drape sections in black.