Note taking

A note taker is an individual who is retained to take notes for the student during class lecture as a classroom accommodation. Note taking can be arranged through different means depending on individual needs, either through Learning Support Services or by identifying a classmate with the assistance of your instructor (peer note taker) who is willing to take notes. You will be notified by the DS Program Specialist when a note taker has been assigned. Please request this service before or early in a semester as recruitment may require some time.

Whatever method you use—such as a note taker/classmate hired through DS or recording— you are responsible for the material covered in class.  


Note taker

  • Notes are provided only for students who attend class for the time they are present in the class.
  • Use duplicate note paper provided by DS.  Completely fill out information at the top of the page. Press hard enough for writing to show on second sheet and be sure it is legible. First copy is for note taker, second copy goes to the student.
  • For the first two sets of notes taken, have DS staff make an extra copy for DS file.
  • Write down all relevant information including lecture notes, test and quiz dates, assignments, and important vocabulary.
  • Supplement any information from Powerpoint presentations/notes on Blackboard.
  • Do not participate in class activities on behalf of the student.
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor as the DS note taker and ask instructor to identify student receiving the notes. All student information is confidential.
  • If student does not arrive to class, wait 15-20 minutes before leaving if not enrolled in the class.
  • Indicate student absence on your weekly Time Record. You may indicate .25 for 15 minutes on your Time Record since you were present and available for class.
  • Notify DS office in advance of any absence, class cancellation, or change related to note taking assignment.
  • If an additional service is needed contact DS. DS needs to be informed or approve any time beyond the lecture. Do not make arrangements yourself.
  • Time Record forms are due 12:00 noon, Every Friday. Turn in to “Completed Log Sheet” folder in mailbox area of DS.
  • Note takers are to use the workspace by the mailboxes in DS. Please do not complete paperwork at the front office clerical stations.


  • Discuss your request with a Program Specialist each semester.  Note takers are generally recruited from the classroom.
  • Determine if written class notes will be available from the instructor on Blackboard or during the lecture. If note taking is not needed after requested, notify the Program Specialist to cancel the assignment.
  • Contact DS if not notified that a note taker has been recruited.
  • You are encouraged to meet your note taker after you are contacted by DS with the note taker’s name.
  • Receiving copies of notes, as an accommodation, is for your academic use only at WCC for the class(es) in which you are enrolled. Do not share or distribute them to another person whether or not the person is in your class(es).
  • You are responsible for the material covered in class and need to be prepared until a note taker is recruited or if note taker is absent, by tape recording, asking another student to take notes, or conferring with instructor. (Duplicate note paper is available in DS).
  • It is recommended to arrange to pick up notes directly from the notetaker.  If notes are dropped off in DS, you must pick up your notes on a weekly basis or arrange a pick up time.
  • Only students who attend class will receive lecture notes for the time they are present.
  • You are responsible for notifying DS in advance of any absence, class cancellation, or change related to note taking assignment.
  • Services may be suspended with last minute cancellations or several absences. You will need to meet with a Program Specialist to reinstate service.
  • If you no longer need notes, please contact DS immediately.

 Any problems should be directed to the note taker and DS Program Specialist or Director.