How to Prepare for Tutoring

Not sure how to get ready for your tutoring session? Below are some tips you can try to make the most of your session!


1. Determine your goal

Are you struggling with a specific problem, part of the course or the subject in general? Determining where your issue lies can help you focus on how to approach the tutoring session.

2. Gather your materials

It is helpful for you to bring any notes, textbooks and class handouts to your tutoring session. Plan to gather these materials together before coming.

3. Look at your schedule

Academic struggles are often tied to time-management. If you're having trouble finding time to complete your work, talk to your tutor about scheduling tips and tricks.

4. Make notes in your text

Read the most recent section you've covered in class, along with any others that were difficult. Make notes and jot down questions as you go through the book.

5. Try the homework

Attempt every question on your most recent assignment. Note the problems that were most difficult and why you struggled with them.

6. Thing about your history

Have you struggled with other subjects in the past? Thinking about how you approached problems previously may help your tutor guide you in determining how to approach your current studies.

7. Talk to the instructor

Ask you instructor if they've noticed anything you are struggling with. They may be able to help you identify weaknesses in your work.