Deployment Options for Military and Veteran Students

At Washtenaw Community College, we understand that deployments can be challenging for you and your family. We are here to support you during this transition and will attempt to make our part of it as smooth as possible. We hope that you will return to WCC after your deployment is over. We thank you for your service.

If you are called to Active Duty status or notified of a training deployment while enrolled at the College, you will need to give immediate attention to a number of academic, financial and other concerns prior to your departure.

If you have Received Orders for Training Deployment

Contact your instructor immediately with the dates of the training. Generally, reasonable adjustments can be made for the time of your training dates. It is assumed you have been regularly attending and participating prior to the training dates.

If you have Received Orders to Return to Active Duty Status OR a Training Deployment of a Longer Duration

  • Contact your instructor. Depending on the class and the timing of your orders, different options may be available:
    1. If you have completed the majority of class assignments/exams and have a passing grade, discuss the option of having that grade posted as a final grade with your instructor.
    2. Depending on the specifics of your situation, an Incomplete grade may be appropriate. Incompletes are issued at the instructor’s discretion. An Incomplete grade permits a limited amount of additional time to complete the course. The duration of the deployment may impact the ability to grant a request for an Incomplete grade.
  • If you are receiving GI Bill educational benefits, contact the WCC Veterans Center so they can update your benefits certification for the semester.
  • If receiving Federal Financial Aid, contact the WCC Financial Aid office to understand how your award may change based on the dates of your attendance that semester.
  • Provide a copy of your orders to the Dean of Students Office. Generally you will qualify for a WCC Refund Exception (a College process that will drop your classes and credit tuition paid); however this process is impacted by Federal Financial Aid. If you received Federal Financial Aid (grants or loans), your situation will need close review to determine what options exist.
  • Learning about deployment can cause stress for you and your family. We strongly encourage you to set up an appointment with the Counseling Office (or an external counseling center) where you can discuss your situation and come up with strategies to make your transition as smooth as possible for both you and your family.
  • Students may officially withdraw from all classes for the term up to the mid-point of the session. Any class work for the withdrawn term will be forfeited. Upon presentation of a copy of official orders, the Dean of Students Office will assist students with the withdrawal process after the mid-point of the session. The grade(s) of ‘W’ (withdraw) will display for the class(es) involved. Withdraw grades do not impact the GPA on your WCC transcript.