Emeritus: How to Set up a phone number as your verification method

The instructions below will guide you on how to add a verification method, so you can use “forgot password” in case you forget your password.

  • Sign in to portal.office.com then click on Settings.

screenshot 1

  • Click on Update contact preferences.

screenshot 2

  • Go to Security info.

screenshot 3

  • Click on Add method to setup a verification method. This will allow to change password in case you forget your password.
  • On the Add a method page, select Phone from the drop-down list, and then select Add.

screenshot 4

  • On the Phone page, type the phone number for your mobile device, choose Text me a code, and then select Next.

screenshot 5

  • Type the code sent to you through text message to your mobile device, and then select Next.

screenshot 6

  • The page changes to show your success.

screenshot 7

  • Your security info is updated and you can use text messaging to verify your identity when using two-step verification or password reset.